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Richard Torrance

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Digitally remastered for a much cleaner sound

Eureka Eureka - first album recorded for Shelter records. Many tracks are just Richard and drummer, Dennis Mansfield. Recorded at Sound City recording studios in Studio City, CA.

1. Ojai Road
2. I Just Don't Know
3. Walking in the Rain
4. Firechild
5. Traveling Minstrel
6. Because of You
7. Ceremony
8. Him
9. Canyonside

Belle of the Ball Belle of the Ball - second album recorded with band "Eureka" after a national tour. "Southern Belles" recorded on the road at the Record Pit in Atlanta, GA. All other tracks recorded at Sound City in Studio City CA. Band members included: Gary Rowles guitar, Dennis Mansfield drums, Jon Lamb bass, Rick Cantu percussion, Duane Scott synth.
1. Jam
2. Southern Belles
3. That's What I Like in My Woman
4. North Dakota Lady
5. Side by Each
6. Hard Heavy Road
7. Don't Let Me Down Again
8. Singing Springs
9. Lady
10. Lazy Town
11. Sweet Sweet Rock & Roll

Living Today Living Today - last album recorded for Shelter records just as they lost their distribution deal with MCA. This album only released in Europe on Phillips. Continued to use "Eureka" band. Added Jay Spell on keyboards from Jimmy Buffett Coral Reefers. Shelter dropped contract and Richard was forced to break up band.
1. Brujo Man
2. That's the Way
3. Life is What You Make It
4. Cut Back Rosie
5. Some Crazy Woman
6. Try Too Hard
7. What's On Your Mind
8. Chela Bay
9. The Time is Right for Love
10. Looks Like Up to Me

Bareback Bareback - first album on Capitol records, includes the hit Rio de Janeiro Blue. Richard hooked up with producer John Haeny who brought in L.A. top studio musicians the likes of : Billy Payne keyboards, Wilton Felder bass, David Hungate bass, Jeff Porcaro drums, Harvey Mason drums, Milt Holland percussion, Sammy Clayton percussion, Earnie Watts flute and sax The Water sisters background vocals, Tom Snow background vocals. Recorded at Sunset Sound L.A. CA.
1. Moonlight Trippin'
2. Stay Young
3. Lovin' Good
4. Tender Memory
5. Circle Of Confusion
6. Rio De Janeiro Blue
7. So Sad
8. Leave My Love Behind
9. Under Your Spell
10. Alley Cat Jack

Double TakeDouble Take - second album for Capitol. Used some studio players and some road band members. Changed producers mid-stream from John Haeny to John Carter at Capitol. Recorded at Sunset sound, West Lake audio and Village recorders.
1. Runaround Girl
2. I Can't Ask for Anymore Than You
3. Desert Lady
4. Long Lonely Nights
5. Get into the Music
6. Real Love
7. Secrets of Your Soul
8. Got No Shadow
9. Your Warm Love

Live Live at the Boarding House in San Francisco - recorded on the road for Lee Abrams radio chain as an FM radio promotional package. Used Wally Heider's remote recording truck with John Haeny behind the controls.
1. Leave My Love Behind
2. Moonlight Trippin'
3. Stay Young
4. Rio de Janeiro Blue
5. That's What I Like in My Woman
6. Lovin' Good
7. Cut Back Rosie
8. Try Too Hard
9. Circle of Confusion
10. Don't Let Me Down Again

Anything's Possible Anything's Possible - last album for Capitol. Recorded at North Star Studio Boulder CO, using all Colorado musicians. Adam Yurman guitar, Chas Baker keyboards, Michael Wooten drums, Miguel Rivera percussion, Bobby Rangell flute, Mark Andes (from Firefall) bass, and Rose Mary Butler (from Jackson Browne) background vocals. Mixed at Sound City, Studio City CA.
1. Take a Look Around
2. Fat Love
3. Be Bob 'n' Holla
4. Johnny
5. Savannah
6. Tell Me
7. Anything's Possible
8. Too Long in the City
9. WOW
10. Let's Call it a Night